What is prerequisite coursework

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Abstracts – this is a small article that unfolds in the report. Report time is limited to 10-15 minutes, and the volume of theses is usually about two pages of Word. The report may be a little more abstract, may contain more examples, a little more theoretical material, but you should not expand the text much, otherwise you will not meet the regulations.

Regulations must be strictly observed: this is a good tone rule. Only very rude people exceed the rules.

Examples, especially if there are many of them and they are analyzed in detail, should be highlighted in the handout (“hendout”). This will save you time: instead of reading them, you can simply poke a finger at the leaf.

Presentations should be relevant. No need to make a presentation, which will consist of the text of your report. This, of course, is beautiful and impressive: you press a button, and the text you just said, with overflows and all sorts of effects, changes to the text of the paragraph you are about to read. But your listeners are able to perceive the text at the hearing. Presentations are justified only if the work is based on the use of visual materials: films, pictures, pictures, Internet sites, computer programs. In all other cases, handaunts are more convenient: they allow to give the viewers all the data, texts, examples, tables, graphs and diagrams. In the presentation, they linger on the screen for 5-7 seconds, so they can not be thoughtfully analyzed and compared.

Paper handicrafts are also insured against technical problems. They always have enough cord to the outlet, they have no problems with encoding, fonts, they are read from all flash drives, disks and floppy disks … In short, the handwriting is safer and more convenient. True, they do not know how to blink beautifully when changing pages. But it is not so scary.

The report is better, of course, to tell, not read. Monotonous reading tires students very quickly. The other extreme is “look and something” – a lyrical digression on the near-scientific theme, in which it is impossible to catch structures and meaning.