What is prerequisite coursework

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It is, of course, easier for a novice speaker to make a report by reading it out on a printout. However, after the third and fourth speeches, you should learn to break away from her and try to tell, not read.

The preparation of the report plan and the story about it at home to a mum, cat or younger sister caught in the corner helps very well in this. The plan should be given in a convenient form to you the main provisions, written out all the dates and necessary quotes. On the one hand, the plan-outline allows not to read the text on a piece of paper. On the other hand, he will not allow losing the order of thoughts and positions.

Be sure to practice before the report with some listener and watch. Over time, you will learn how to determine exactly how long it takes for a certain amount of text, but first it is better to rehearse with a timer on a mobile phone. Because to exceed the regulations is ugly, and reading in the genre of “Maxim machine gun welcomes the White Guard attack” tires the listeners and does not allow them to appreciate all the advantages of your excellent report.Examples, especially if there are many of them and they are analyzed in detail, should be highlighted in the handout (“hendout”). This will save you time: instead of reading them, you can simply poke a finger at the leaf.

Presentations should be relevant. No need to make a presentation, which will consist of the text of your report. This, of course, is beautiful and impressive: you press a button, and the text you just said, with overflows and all sorts of effects, changes to the text of the paragraph you are about to read. But your listeners are able to perceive the text at the hearing. Presentations are justified only if the work is based on the use of visual materials: films, pictures, pictures, Internet sites, computer programs. In all other cases, handaunts are more convenient: they allow to give the viewers all the data, texts, examples, tables, graphs and diagrams. In the presentation, they linger on the screen for 5-7 seconds, so they can not be thoughtfully analyzed and compared.