How to write a good commentary for english coursework

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It seems that this is all very difficult. In fact, it is usually sufficient to read the requirements carefully. The paragraph on the design of the bibliography there certainly contains and often it is the most extensive and detailed. There is no single model for bibliography, so you should stick to the one proposed by the organizing committee. They want the title in italics, the author – in bold and a dash between each item – yes, please. Do not want – do not.

Do not abuse the bibliography. In the abstracts, it is worthwhile to quote in the bibliography only those works that are directly quoted in the text. Otherwise, you risk writing a long list of “generally important” scientific papers after your thesis that the organizing committee will ruthlessly cut out. Or, the organizing committee, scoring a comparison of a three-page list of references with a two-page text of the work itself, will simply cut out your theses from the collection …

If the volume of theses is 2 pages, then the bibliography should not occupy even half a page (yes, there are scientific traditions, where this is the norm, but we are talking about average statistical work for the average student conference). If you want to list all the works written on your topic, you will have no place for your own work. Therefore, limit to 1-2 the most important. In principle, in the abstracts of 2 pages, the bibliography should not exceed 5 points.

Well and the last: it is ugly, when from 5 points of bibliography 4 – references to your previous works.

By the way, the word “university” is written in small letters (see any handbook of Rosenthal, paragraph 27, paragraph 3-b). In the name of the university, only the first letter – the title: Moscow State University. And according to this model, the name of any university (Rosenthal, paragraph 22, paragraph 6) is written, regardless of what the university administration thinks or the creators of university websites. No need to abbreviate the names of their universities (SSU – Saratov? Samara? Stavropol? Sterlitamak? Solovetsky? Solikamsky? Most-most? ..). It is not necessary to write the “official” name: GOU VPO PPKS ABCD “Paris Academy of Horticulture” looks strange.